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A travel documentary about Vietnam.

This website represents a frame for a film with impressions of several points of interest of Vietnam. It has evolved from a trip across the country in August 2010. I spent three weeks in Vietnam together with my family and we tried to see as much as possible during this time (exept a chill-out period on Phú Quốc).

So what you see here is not a documentary about the life of people or a critical examination of issues with reference to the country or political situation (which - indeed - would be very interesting), what you see here are pictures of a country from a touristic point of view.

The film is splitted into six chapters, corressponding to the six locations that are portrayed. Each of these parts has a running time between five to seven minutes.

Website and film are non commercial orientated and only reproduce the impressions I had - on the other side of the world...

...and I hope you enjoy.

4# Outtakes of the Vietnam Impressions Videos will be used for the Vietnam-feature of „Schulfilme im Netz“ (schoolfilms to net), an upcoming short film archive for educational proposes of the German school system: http://www.schulfilme-im-netz.de/

3# Now listed at http://www.adventure-travel-tales-and-tips.com

2# Extracts of "Vietnam -Impressions of a journey" are currently shown e.g. at the Staatsschauspiel Dresden. Constanza Mecras DORKYPARK ballet ensemble uses clips for their performance "Good morning Vietnam" played several times at the 8. Festival für Politik im Freien Theater, 27.10 - 06.11.2011, Dresden, at different locations.
http://www.dorkypark.org/ and http://www.politikimfreientheater.de/art

1# Frank Ullmer, a great photographer, mentioned the film in his blog: http://www.fullimage.de/blog/?p=811 Thanks, Frank!

Hanoi by nightHa Long BayWaterpuppet Theater HanoiMarket in Saigon